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R&D Capability

After years of development and improvement, the company's hydraulic products and technology have formed a relatively mature hydraulic product series. The technical development is relatively comprehensive, and the professional technology mainly includes more than ten aspects, such as machining, special processing, welding, heat treatment, cleaning, testing, assembly, surface treatment, vulcanized rubber, digital manufacturing and so on.

The company is unique in the development of hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch, electric winch, hydraulic clutch, hydraulic transmission device, hydraulic slewing device, crawler walking motor, crawler chassis and hydraulic system. The company has rich experience in hydraulic system. Its products are widely used in pile foundation, wharf, marine equipment, nuclear power plant, steel plant, roller and excavator.




Quality control

Incoming materials

Check carefully

Comprehensive inspection of single material

Strict control

Comprehensive inspection of semi-finished products

Fully in place

Comprehensive inspection of finished products

Comprehensive detection

Comprehensive delivery inspection

Service Support

Field service

Dehan engineers are responsible for on-site installation guidance, hardware inspection and operation commissioning, cooperate closely with users, timely deal with various problems related to product operation, and ensure that products are put into safe operation in time.

Technical training

The company provides technical training for users, including hydraulic system principle and structure, operation and maintenance guidance, fault analysis and treatment, etc.


Technical consultation

The service engineers of the company receive users' technical consultation in real time, answer users' questions in time, and provide users with continuous, reliable and perfect technical consultation.

Fault diagnosis

For the system faults encountered by users in use, our senior engineers will make analysis and judgment according to the on-site information to help users deal with the faults in time and ensure the normal and stable operation of the system.



For the problems existing in the user system, our company can provide the best solutions according to various specific situations.


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