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DHC series transmission device

DHC series transmission device

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The company's leading products are various series of hydraulic motors, hydraulic winches, electric winches, hydraulic clutches, hydraulic transmission devices, hydraulic slewing devices, crawler walking motors, crawler chassis, hydraulic systems and other products.

Parameter Description

1. The total displacement is the displacement of the hydraulic motor multiplied by the reduction gear ratio;
2. The rated torque is the actual output torque after considering the transmission efficiency when the system pressure is 16MPa or 20MPa;
3. The transmission efficiency includes the mechanical efficiency of the hydraulic motor and the mechanical efficiency of the planetary reducer;

Selection example

DHC3-1000CD31H indicates that the hydraulic transmission device adopts a single-stage planetary reducer transmission, the gearbox module is 3, the total displacement is 1000ml/rev, the output shaft adopts threaded connection, the hydraulic motor distributor D31, and the rated pressure level is 20MPa.

Selection instructions

1. DHC hydraulic transmission device allows working under high pressure.
2. The maximum allowable pressure of the shell is 0.8MPa. If you have any special requirements, please contact the manufacturer.
3. Hydraulic oil: It is recommended to use high-quality, anti-foam, and anti-oxidation mineral-based hydraulic oil. The ideal working oil temperature is 30°C~50°C, and the allowable oil temperature is -20°C ~80°C. When the oil temperature is lower than At 10C, low-condensing hydraulic oil must be used. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is 40-60 centistokes, allowing 5-300 centistols.
4. The filtration precision of hydraulic oil is recommended to be 25μ M or higher.
5. The hydraulic transmission device can rotate in both directions. See the attached drawings for the specific steering. If the user's request is opposite to the direction shown in the figure, please specify when ordering.
6. Positioning of drain pipe: DHC transmission device allows installation in any direction. In order to ensure the lubrication of each movement pair in the motor, it is required to fill the motor with wave pressure oil before working. The location of the drain port must be selected to ensure that the casing is full of hydraulic pressure during operation. Oil.
7. Selection of distributors: various hydraulic transmission devices can choose distributors of various specifications according to the requirements of different working conditions. The principle of selecting distributors is considered according to the use pressure, speed, flow, connection mode and the requirements of the integrated valve group; Distributor installation; the inlet and outlet directions of the distributor are allowed to rotate at 72° intervals according to the shape of the installation connection position, but when the screw is loosened and rotated, be careful not to damage the sealing function of the flat O-ring.

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